Tips for Brides and the Wedding Dress

Tricks of the Trade…

This is not a meant to be a sweeping comment about all Bridal Shops, but, apparently, this is a trick of the trade.

It has been known in some Bridal Shops that the assistants are trained to have a look at the Bride-to-be’s Engagement Ring.

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If the Ring has a large diamond then they tend to only show the expensive Dresses, even if the Bride-to-be says that it is too expensive for her or more than she has budgeted for.  The assumption is that if you have a big diamond, then you can afford an expensive dress.

So the advice is to not wear your Engagement Ring when Bridal Dress shopping.  That way there should be no predetermined price range for your Dress.

Brides and the Bathroom

A trip to the Bathroom can be very tricky for the Bride when wearing her beautiful dress.  Fortunately, this is where your Maid of Honour proves invaluable!  Your Maid of Honour is there to help you through your wedding day. She, in turn, may ask for help from the bridesmaids or the coordinator or planner or whoever is there to help even your mother,  or your sister or cousin can help, but out of respect approach your maid of honour first to show her how important she is in these mini-emergencies.

To make your evening more comfortable you might consider switching to an evening gown.

Do you do your Hair or Makeup first?

Get your hair done first as you probably will have lots of hairsprays used to keep it in place and the last thing you want is to have hairspray getting on your face after your make up has been applied. Your hairstyle should last quite a while but it is important that your make up looks fresh for pictures and the ceremony.

Consider this when selecting Jewellery

Make sure that the Jewellery you select is “compatible” with your beautiful Wedding Dress.  Make sure that the Jewellery you select doesn’t have claws or anything that may be slightly catching that could rip the fabric of your Dress.

What type of Shoe to wear with your Dress?

Some say open toe for Summer, the closed toe for Winter.  Some believe it’s improper to wear closed toe shoes with a wedding gown.  Some prefer closed toe for dancing (it also offers some protection if your Husband can’t dance).  The bottom line is that it’s down to your personal preference and how well the shoes match your dress and whether comfort or style is most important to you.

Corsets Pros and Cons

Pro If your dress is boned then you won’t need one.

Con If you’re getting married in the Summer then you might find it uncomfortable.

Pro They can make your waist look tiny and your dress sensational

Con They can be uncomfortable if you’re wearing it all day

The Wedding Night

Make it a night to remember!  Consider sexy underwear,  scented oils, low lighting or candles. Congratulations and whatever you do enjoy the first night.

Gifts for the Bridal Party

Seznamka internet For the bridesmaids, you could pick out a nice (but reasonably priced) necklace or bracelet that they can all wear at the wedding and then keep.  The useful bridesmaid gift could be a  pair of flip flops to wear at the reception so they don’t need to stay in their heels!

For the ushers, it really depends on what sorts of things they like. Movie gift cards are always good.

For the groomsmen ‘hangover kits” filled with medicines and hangover “remedies” for the morning after the wedding could be useful! If you want to do something a little more classy, engraved mugs or shot glasses usually go over well.

For the kids – just remember they’ll appreciate fun MUCH more than a keepsake. I’d recommend a board game, video game, or iTunes card between the ages of 10 and 15.

For the flower girl get her a little purse and pretend make-up or doll.

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