Sweet Good Night Quotes and Good Night SMS

Good night wishes quotes and Good Night SMS

Everybody has friends, family, relative, classmate, and circle. All of the people want to make happy their friends, family, and relative. One of the best methods is to make happy communication. And Good communication method is Mobile SMS, Facebook, and others social media status with wishing quotes. You can send the special wishes good morning quotes in the morning or good night quotes their social media profile or mobile SMS. You ma like: Congratulations Quotes for Students.

Good Night Quotes and Good Night SMS for you

Here are some unique Good night wishes quotes.

Some Location for wish your friends. You can wish to your friends at morning with Good morning Quotes. and at Anyone’s birthday so ypu can wish him with Birthday Wishes Quotes

Sun Is Switched Off! Stars Are Switched On! Blue Sky Goes Off And Black Sky Comes In! So A Cool Night Is Coming! Go To Bed! And Sleep Well with best dreams.

When eyes struggle to remain open.
When mind shuts off completely.
It’s a signal to renew your energy.
By sleeping and dreaming.
Good Night!! and Sweet Dreams!

Take it Light Dear,
Miss Me Slight Dear,
Never Do Fight Dear,
Have Fun Might Dear,
Eat Good Diet Dear,
Try Flying a Kite Dear,
Be Always Happy Right Dear,
& Good Night Dear,

Hello dear! My name is Night.
I came here to hijack your stress.
Damage your strain. My weapon is deep sleep and my want is Sweet Dream.
So please co-operate and handover yourself to me!
Good Night, Sweetest Dreams!

Forget bad Incidents, Remembers beautiful Moments, Your sweet time of today is ending Now, to refresh your mind with you for a sweet sleep. Good Night best dreamed!

Treat each day as your last…
one day you will be right. 🙂  Good Night My Dear. 🙂

Don’t use your quilt just think about my love it will warm you,
don’t use pillows just think about my hands it will trap your head,
don’t close your mouth I will be the kissing you all night
Good Night, I Love you, sweet heart 🙂

People would not invariably like the recommendation.
Sometimes all they really want could be a hand to carry,
an ear to concentrate, and a heart to know them.


These line area unit extremely terribly heart touching,
sometimes we must always perceive the condition. 

When u area unit at the top of the rope,
just try “one” knot and droop on
ill for sure come back and tie the remaining ” two” around you…..
remember, solely darkly we are able to see stars!
Whenever, where unwell be there for you
good night and sweet dreams!!

If I used to be there tonight:
I would cowl you in a very blanket of affection,
and hold you in my arms all night.
I would defend you against the monsters beneath your bed and show you
ways abundant I care regarding you.
kisses and hugs, sweet dreams
Good Night


One 2 Three
Set free from worry
see moonlight N galaxy
Feel sweet dreamy Ecstasy
Have dreams terribly pretty

Sun is setting, the moon is forthcoming the sky & the small stars
shining therefore bright to mention farewell. Let the small stars convey your best
needs of the night to your friends and favored ones through farewell SMS,
sweet dreams SMS.

Your sweet time of nowadays is ending currently,
Forget dangerous Incidents,
Remembers stunning Moments,
to refresh your mind
wish you a sweet sleep.
Good Night!

Ur dream determines city goals,
Ur goals plan city actions,
Ur actions produce results,
And the results bring u success.!
Good Nite my Friend have pleasant dreams


Sun wouldn’t be red,
Sea wouldn’t be blue,
I wouldn’t be happy,
Without distressful you!.

God’s steering is sort of a little lamp in a very dark forest…
doesn’t show everything promptly…
But offers enough light-weight for next step to be safe…
Good night.

True persons & well wishers in our living area unit just like the stars that shine perpetually.
But we frequently fail to envision them until the dark hours get our lives.
Good night!

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