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What are supplements?

Everywhere you go, it is difficult not to see a poster or an advert that blares out information about the benefits of supplements. Interestingly, not everyone knows what supplements are, what they are composed or even what they are used for. This article is going to zoom in on the topic of supplements and explain what they are all about.

It was in the year 1994 that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act established the definition of supplements. Very important in sustaining the vital functions of the body and taking part in the prevention of diseases, supplements have truly come a long way. One thing that is common to all dietary supplements is that they have to be taken orally. This explains why supplements come mainly in the form of drinks, capsule, powder, pill, chewy gummy, tablet and so on. Supplements also differ in terms of the composition and the ingredients that were used in making them.

However, even if the proportions change, the ingredients used in dietary supplements can be divided into the following groups: minerals, plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, metabolites, and others.

As many are already aware of, vitamins are organic substances that assist the body in growth, repair and metabolic processes. Common examples of vitamins are vitamins B, C, D and A. Each vitamin has its specific property and is also needed for certain biological processes in the human body. For example, vitamin A is needed for proper eyesight while vitamin D is needed for biochemical processes that maintain the skin. Minerals, on the other hand, are not organic nature, they are inorganic but are also essential to life like the vitamins too. Examples of minerals are potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and others. Because the human body does not have the ability to produce them, you have to add them to your food in the form of supplements.

Talking of plant extracts, there are so many of them. They are sourced mainly from different plant parts such as seeds, flowers, bark, roots and, even the leaves. Different supplements spend different periods in the body, there are some that leave the body in a matter of hours after it is ingested while some others are saved in the body reserves for a long time. When it comes to taking supplements, it is important that you follow the advice of a trained medical practitioner, nutritionist or dietician. There is danger in overdosing on supplements and for some of them like the vitamins, you need very little amounts on a daily basis. The same goes for the minerals too, your body does not need a lot of them in terms of quantity, you only need miniature and controlled doses to get maximal benefits.

Home births vs. hospital births, pros & cons

Human beings have been giving birth to children from the beginning of time. As this process evolved over time, we were left with the traditional home births and hospital births. But are these processes the same? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? Which of the two will be best for a woman who is in labor and is about to give birth?

These are very crucial questions and they will be answered in the remaining parts of this piece.


When it comes to the cost, home birth is surely far more pocket-friendly. If a woman gives birth to her child at home, she will not have to spend all those heavy hospital bills as there is no massive health team around her. In fact, some women who experienced home birth gave birth to all their children all by themselves.

So, when it comes to the cost-saving measure of giving birth, home births are clearly better. For most people, hospital births are very expensive and can dig a really big hole into the finances. It is even more challenging for those who are not covered by any form of medical insurance. Some women choose to give birth at home because they cannot afford the hospital bills and not because they love to give birth at their homes.


Pregnancies are very dangerous because by their very nature, they can result in many complications. As a result of this, hospital births are always better and preferred because there are trained professionals on standby ready to attend to any form of complications or even in more serious cases, emergencies that may arise. But if the woman chose to give birth at home, then there will be little or limited assistance for her when complications or emergencies come up. This can make all the difference between life and death. For this reason alone, many women choose never to give birth at home.

Family presence:

When you give birth at home, there is a higher chance of being surrounded and supported by your family members. This can be a very memorable event for the family. Well, on the other hand, this cannot happen in the hospital because the labor room is seriously restricted.


Your home is not sterilized so there is a greater chance of getting an infection when giving birth at home. This is not the same thing with a hospital environment where everything has been put in place to ensure there are no forms of contamination or infections at all for the pregnant woman. Once again, these chances of infections can make all the difference in the world between life and death for the woman and/or her baby.

Perfect Money and Bitcoin

Perfect Money is a main monetary administration permitting the clients to make moment installments and to profit exchanges safely all through the Internet opening one of a kind chance to Internet clients and proprietors of the Internet organizations.

Perfect Money focuses to convey the exchanges on the Internet to the perfect level! All clients of Perfect Money can without much of a stretch change over their assets into other electronic monetary standards inside the most limited terms and at sensible rates.

The built up method for collaboration with banks permits Perfect Money to get and to send wire exchanges around the world. As you enroll in Perfect Money framework, you can pick one of three distinctive statuses. The accompanying accounts’ statuses are accessible: Normal, Premium and Partner. The Normal account is an account that affects every single new client that enlist at the PerfectMoney site. The Normal account does not give you any confinements either.

Clients receive a premium account that keep their account dynamic amid one year. Keeping in mind the end goal to redesign your account from ordinary account to premium one, you will be required to send a demand for this support of the client benefit office. Premium accounts are special with advantages that incorporate low 2% expense on exchanges by means of bank and additionally a need treatment in all stores and withdrawals of your account reserves.

Allocating Partner accounts on the watchfulness of the Perfect cash organization. People receive these accounts when they need to enhance their sites for business-to-business exchanges. Commonly, individuals that maintain their organizations through the Internet are prime people to acquire one of these accomplice accounts. Accomplice accounts are the most special sort of accounts offering an expanded level of trust to its holder and his/her business. Some of its one of a kind components are 1.5% expense on withdrawals by means of bank wire, 1.5% charge for stores from Pecunix account and 8% yearly enthusiasm on the insignificant account adjust figured month to month.

Perfect Money has apparently included support for the holding and exchanging of bitcoins. Being candid, the organization can be considered remarkably shady. As indicated by an article in Reuters in 2013, they are otherwise called the future goal for “e-money” exchanges taking after the shutdown of Liberty Reserve.

Like “Freedom Reserve dollars” or “euros”, Perfect Money has its virtual likeness dollar, euro and gold-based wallets. As indicated by its website, the platform can be employed for exchanging cash, financing exchanging accounts and different installments. It says to offer 4% yearly enthusiasm on sums put away in their administration, which by a wide margin surpasses the rates offered by even the best bank accounts and may just be conceivable if assets are “utilized” somewhere else.

The administration was beforehand accessible for financing accounts on bitcoin trades, for example, eCoin, whose distributed numbers likewise merit sound examination. Presently, clients can obviously move bitcoins all through Perfect Money. Stores are expressed as free, and withdrawals are charged a powerful 2.5%.

The administration is formally enlisted Startup Research and Investments LLC. It as of now is situated in Hong Kong, yet as indicated by the Reuters report; it has already demonstrated Panama as its home. The organization does not list a telephone number for its workplaces or recognize administration or key representatives.

There are many electronic money exchanges from where you could exchange your bitcoins with perfect money.

You can use P2P exchange to trade your bitcoins in exchange for perfect money. The process is very simple and easy for anyone to do transactions on it.

Apart from providing the option to exchange your bitcoins to Perfect Money in both USD and EUR formats, at any point if you would like getting any other form of cryptocurrency for your bitcoins, you can use P2P Change for the matter. As of now, it provides support for Litecoin, BTC-e USD and Payeer USD.

Changer.com is an automatic platform that streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in an instant manner. The platform works automatically 24/7/365. You can change Bitcoin to Perfect Money instantly.

How does it work? Buying Perfect Money with Bitcoin is easy, automatic and instant with Changer.

(1) Just, select Bitcoin to Dogecoin from the given list

(2) Enter the amount you want to get transferred

(3) Click on the ‘Exchange’ button.

Changer also supports numerous other crypto currencies as well.

  1. Ordering the exchange of BTC to Perfect Money is very simple. Fill the required amount of Bitcoins you want to exchange into the field.
  2.  System will automatically calculate the amount to receive. Then input your Perfect Money account No, your contact e-mail and such information as shown below and press submit.
  3. You will be able to check the entered data on the next step of exchange and confirm it.



Quality Assurances Engineer vs Automation Engineer

Quality Assurances Engineer:

Q.A engineer also known as quality assurance engineer .Q.A engineer are mostly found in manufacturing and software companies .Q.A engineer is the way of progress process from beginning to end .Q.A engineer are responsible for to check the manufacturing product are in quality .Q.A engineer works in manufacturing facilities and laborites of the test .A Q.An engineer understands the Software methodologies and some other techniques. The Q.A engineer oversees the production testing products and they also meet the company standard before moving in the next phase of progress.

The main purpose of Q.A engineer is generating safeguards of product to be market -ready and they meet government regulations before it is released to the public.  The main purpose of Q.A engineer is to make quality products. It does not about detect the tick, not about simple testing. The Quality of Assurances are responsible for checking the quality of everything. The most important characteristic of a QA engineer is to prevent defects, and consequently, make certain the high-quality of the improvement procedure and its effects. It enables meet customers’ demands and expectancies most fully. Therefor we need a quality assurance engineer. The quality Assurance has some Advantages and Disadvantages. Some advantages of Quality Assurances are following.

Advantages of Q. A Engineer:

  • The Advantages of Q.A Engineer are.
  • Costs are reduced because there’s less wastage and re-operating of faulty products because the product is checked at each level.
  • It can assist enhance employee motivation as employees have extra ownership and reputation for their work.
  • Q.A Engineer guarantees the item will meet the client prerequisites and the desires by appropriate QA techniques.
  • Q.A help can help us to prevent faulty goods and offerings being bought.
  • It isn’t troublesome to creation laborers keep delivering, reviewers do the checking.
  • As with any feature system, the business may profit from an improved credit for quality and this may exceed sales.
  • These are the advantages of Q.A Engineer.

Dis-Advantages of Q.A Engineer:

  • There are a number of disadvantages of quality assurance. Some of them include
  • Adding more resources, employing more workers to help maintain quality and so much more.
  • Time-consuming
  • In the event that the organization has a noteworthy drop out. The Quality Assurance office will be one of the initial ones to go.

Automation Engineer:

Engineer is also the type of Engineer . Automation engineer is also play important role in our life. Mostly Automation starts out with bachelor’s degree. Automation Engineer has to different meanings in a software engineering point of view looking to automate software process. In a Traditional engineering sense providing automated solutions to physical activities. Automation engineer is master who has the information and capacity of planning make, create and oversee frameworks, for instance, plant mechanization, process robotization and distribution center computerization .

Automation Engineers are utilized in businesses, for example, vehicle assembling or nourishment preparing plants, where robots or machines are utilized to perform explicit capacities. Automation engineer must have experience in developing Hp QTP scripts. Automation Engineers must have programming skills like java. They also have great knowledge of SQL. The Automation Engineers have different types like

  • Fixed automation (Hard Automation)
  • Programmable automation (Soft Automation)
  • Flexible automation.
  • There are some advantages and disadvantages of Automation Engineers.

Advantages of Q\A Automation Engineer:

  • The advantages of Q\A Automation Engineer are:
  • Expanded throughput or profitability.
  • Expanded consistency of yield.
  • Decreased direct human work expenses and costs.
  • Opens up laborers to take on different jobs.

Gives larger amount employments in the advancement, organization, support and running of the automated forms. 

Dis-Advantages of Automation Engineer:

  • The numbers of disadvantages of Q\A Automation Engineer are
  • High beginning expense.
  • Dislodges workers because of jobs substitution.
  • Unusual or intemperate advancement costs.

Advantages of Multi-Vendor Environment in It Contracts

In today’s growing businesses and competition among companies, there is always a need to invest in technology which will help in increasing the productivity of a company.

Every company’s strategy and its requirements are different which are based on their budgets.

What is Multi-Vendor Support Approach in IT

Multi-Vendor services help organizations by providing support services to more than one product by only one vendor. They help to provide multiple vendors with their own products and manufacturers.

In today’s generation as the world is evolving so is technology. Today’s technology requirements and support need change.
A lot of IT systems face challenges in the management of support contracts within this environment.
Businesses which follow new technologies often find a situation where multi-vendor support is needed.
All the IT Decision leaders ensure that their organization needs have been solved by these support providers.
Most of these leaders want to have better implementation under multiple strategy scenario. They always have a choice between multiple or single theory approach. Choosing the right solution for their organization is very complicated.
Managing multiple contracts and different levels of service and their support functions through multiple partners can create an expensive, inefficient and confusing environment.
Many organizations want to have a more customized approach towards choosing the strategy.
They have to make a decision towards whether they want to use a single vendor approach or multiple vendors. As technology is growing every day. Companies try to decide what is best for them and also they see differences between single vendor and multiple vendor approach.
For an IT leader, it is one of the most difficult decisions to make a choice between a product or solution when they are implementing new infrastructure. This decision comes down to the vendor of the product.
Single-vendor approach is good for a small organization that does not need very high requirements for their IT network.
Companies with a single vendor approach do not have to worry about working with multiple vendors.
But for bigger companies, multiple vendor approach is needed to cater to their needs and specifications. A single vendor cannot help them to fulfill their particular need and cannot customize a solution. But having multiple vendors can help IT professionals with the ease of convenience.
Sometimes a company may have a lot of work needs that only experts can help and can provide a solution to it.
Solutions which can be only provided with expertise by multiple vendor approach than those offered by single vendors.
A multi-vendor network environment may use different products in comparison to a single vendor network environment.
These Multi-vendor strategies are not made only for big organizations but also for small enterprises. Any company which is on growth module can use this technology of multiple vendor approach. This strategy helps to bring cost effective with different skills to the companies.
There are many advantages of having a multi-vendor environment over a single vendor in IT contracts:

Choose best out of all

Since we are using multi-vendor products, we can choose the best product out of many and their best features which suit our requirement. In this case, we don’t have to settle for one product. We have more technology choices.

Cost of switching

When we have decided upon our choice of product or vendor, we always have the option to change that product to another vendor’s product. This cost switching will help in changing processes.

As a customer, we have more options with us which all vendors know.

Always exciting and never boring

When we are using a Multi-Vendor environment is always exciting and never boring. IT people are exposed to a variety of products and technologies and there is always something new to learn.

Risk Factor

There is less risk in the multi-vendor environment as if there is anything that changes we always have an option to change to other product which is not in the case of a single vendor environment.

We can afford to have many vendors without compromising on the support.

Drives up competition

When we are looking for different, we have many factors to choose our supplier. Suppliers are always looking to give the best deal so that they can get business from us. There is always competition between other suppliers and they try to win this competition while offering lower rates. Which helps us to have a win-win situation.

Best Expertise

Through Multi-vendor support, we can get the best expertise on multiple related projects.

More and better upgrades

Since we are using multi-vendor support we get an option to get all latest updates on the same.

Support quality

Once a supplier gets a client to be ‘locked in’, there is little responsibility to provide superior levels of service. These chosen vendors feel more powerful to another supplier. And since this particular vendor was chosen, they feel more responsible to deliver quality to the user.

There are many benefits to have a multi-vendor environment in organizations. There are many companies which do not want a single vendor because there is always the fear of having only one vendor for the company. With single vendor there is always a risk attached, some hidden costs available, quality issues and there is no choice between different vendors. That’s why these days mostly all organizations prefer to have multi-vendor support because it has a lower risk.

Also, when the company has new assignments coming up in the future or any new launches of the company product, they do need extra help and manpower to support the vendors.

Companies have many departments which always prefer to deal with multiple vendors.

Multi-Vendor Environment Support Services Provided By DAFTUR

We at DAFTUR provide field services IT sector by replacing long annual maintenance contracts with on-demand, on-site support services by integrating process, service and product innovation.

At present we provide companies and support them with Multi-vendor strategy services. We help them to choose between different vendors, for the ease of the organization. We help our clients by giving the best expertise in the field of IT.

We give our clients the best service quality with less risk factor and provide the best option to choose among a variety of vendors.

5 essential actions taken by FSSAI to promote Food Safety

The topmost food safety regulatory specialist Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has so far investigated every possibility in guaranteeing that the food items fulfill all the desired food safety benchmarks.

Other than regular investigations to ensure that FBOs convey FSSAI registration or license, FSSAI has presented a progression of measures in recent months to check food safety and cleanliness among food businesses.
For instance, we have:
All India FSSAI Food Safety Audit,

  • Eat Right Movement 2018,
  • Amendment of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing & Registration of Food Business) Regulations,
  • Forbidding of recycled plastic and paper bundling
  • Statutory cautioning on alcohol bottles
  • We will currently talk about the majority of the above measures to sum things up.

#1. What was FSSAI Food Safety audit?

With intent to reinforce the food safety awareness in the Indian food industry, the FSSAI had led a free third party audit of the food business operators with the aid of some reputed private audit offices.



The governing rule for this Food Safety Audit was the Food Safety and Standards (Food Safety Auditing) Regulation 2018. After this was passed, FSSAI began a nationwide audit of Food Businesses through private organizations.

The primary point of this audit was to remove the difference between FSSAI requirement and ground-level defaults with regard to FSSAI registration or licensing.


#2. What is all about Eat Right Movement 2018?

Next significant initiative started by FSSAI was the Eat Right India Movement 2018.

  • In this activity, all the main Indian food businesses having FSSAI registration were asked show their commitment towards the drive of making India fit & healthy by offering more beneficial food choices to the buyers.
  • Apart from that, FSSAI had organized the Eat Right India Awards 2018 and the Eat Right Mela 2018.

#3. Why were Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations Amended?

  • So as to improve the basic structure, FSSAI had presented Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Amendment Regulations, 2018.
  • Under this, the Food safety expert had made amendments to different segments of the regulation, concerning the accompanying guidelines for FSSAI registration and FSSAI license:
  • FSSAI Registration and Licensing of E-Commerce operators like Foodpanda.
  • Reports required for FSSAI registration and FSSAI license of restaurants.
  • Required Food Hygiene & clean practices.
  • FSSAI Registration of little slaughterhouses.

#4. Why was recycled plastic and paper bundling Forbidden?

With the end objective of improving the food packing industry, FSSAI had corrected the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011.

  • Under this, FSSAI had restricted the utilization of plastic and paper bundling of food things.
  • The point was to check the utilization of unfit packing stuff utilized by for the most part food sellers and vendors, who for the most part don’t have the FSSAI registration or FSSAI license.
  • Such bundling stuff is dangerous to human body.

#5. Why statutory notice on alcohol bottles was made compulsory?

In all respects recently on the lines of tobacco industry regulations, the FSSAI has made it mandatory for the alcohol manufacturers to put this statutory notice on the names of every single Alcoholic Beverage

“Utilization of liquor is harmful to health. In this way, be protected… so don’t drink and drive”.

  • Much the same as the tobacco and cigarette packs, all alcohol containers will presently accompany this statutory cautioning. The point was to create awareness among individuals to not drive in the wake of drinking and reducing liquor utilization.
  • Without a doubt, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has embraced steady endeavors towards the objective of solid India. Plus, FSSAI regularly examines whether the FBOs convey the FSSAI registration certificate or FSSAI licenses.

On the off chance that you are maintaining a food business, you must get FSSAI registration without any doubt.

4 Super tips to Lose Weight

Many people believe that weight loss is a highly challenging mountain that just can’t be climbed, but we have developed some tried and tested tips that can help you overcome that beast and reach your desired weight goal without even breaking a sweat (this is, of course, only metaphorically speaking).

So, make sure that you join us on this journey towards weight loss as we explore different tried and tested tips that you should be keeping in mind when going through your fitness phase.

The Supper Tips of weight loss

Tip #1: Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise!

We literally cannot stress how important exercise is when you want to lose weight! No matter how much you diet, it will not make a difference if you continue with your sloth-like ways. Hit the gym or go for a morning run because any exercise will help you tone those muscles and tighten that belly.

Tip #2: Three Square Meals a Day Will Keep the Fat Away

To reach your ideal weight and get rid of all that unwanted fat, it is important to eat three balanced meals each day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are crucial in keeping your metabolism going and keeping you fill so that you aren’t caught munching on worthless snacks to keep you full.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should rely on junk food or fast food to provide you with the nutritional value you need. You have to embrace the healthy lifestyle by including variety in your diet and keeping it balanced. This means that you need to incorporate fruit, vegetables and plenty of protein in your daily food intake.

Tip #3: Avoid Empty Calories

We know that junk food is extremely tempting, but you should know that these foods have no nutritional value whatsoever and only provide your body with what is termed “empty calories.” Empty calories are of absolutely no energetic value, and they do not provide you with a filling feeling either.

All empty calories do is provide you with unwanted fat in your body which is not even used as energy.

Tip #4: Have a Cheat Day Every Once in a While

Have a cheat day once in a blue moon so that you can indulge in your favorite snacks. The cheat day will help you stay motivated in maintaining your healthy lifestyle and you will eventually see that your cheat days will decrease in their frequency and gradually vanish for good!

Concluding, you need to keep in mind different variables when trying to lose weight. So, don’t sweat it and be sure to remain motivated when creating a fitness plan for yourself! It will pay off, and you’ll notice those calories burn in no time!

Why you need Business coach

Business coaching is the process where experienced entrepreneurs and business owners make up decisions to utilize their talents in the development and growth of the business and to help them arrive at their goals. Business coaches can provide you with something more tangible and valuable that will help you in a personalized way to grow your business.

The business coaches are experts in the field they work for and so their advice will help you attain your goals. The coaches are willing to answer any question relating to your business and grow to improve it at cheaper costs. Any entrepreneur or business person who is stuck in some way should consult a professional business coach who will sort you out and enable you to move higher in your business.

The role of a business coach

A business coach serves both the mentors and trainers by training them with the relevant skills that are needed for a successful business. The coach aims at reviving your talents, goals and decisions that will ensure a successful business outcome. The coaches begin by first analyzing the history of your business together with assets and liabilities.

They will then move ahead and give you the best business steps that should be taken. The business coach will work with you in each step you take while giving advice on a regular basis. He or she is very ready to help you attain the goals you have set by guiding you to navigate through any challenges until finally you arrive at your objective.

What a business coach does

01 Helps the organization to develop better strategies.
02 Develop better decisions.
03 Strengthen the culture of the company.
04 Raise the organizational focus.
05 Increase the level of team accountability
06 Assist in aligning the entire organization

What to consider when choosing the right business coach for your business

  • Consider the experience of the coach you are picking.
  • Should have an excellent understanding of both small and medium businesses.
  • Look out for someone who is willing to work with you till you succeed.
  • Look for one with good analytical skills and has better judgment.
  • Look out on one with courage and full of confidence. Someone who can literarily challenge you when you go wrong.
  • Choose someone width the strongest business ethics

How to get unstuck and find motivation

There are several tips that can enable you to move on with your business or project after being stuck. It’s just a matter of implementing them and they will land you on success.

  • Begin by clearing the clutter. Dump out all the junk including old emails and clean it completely.
  • Discard all the items you no longer use in your life. This will help you to create space for new people, opportunities and new things.
  • Make changes in your life. Start making small changes in your business life.
  • Get rid of at least five things that have been putting you down. The things that have been draining your energy should be unclogged.
  • Do something that you have been procrastinating or putting off every time you want to do it.
  • Develop a list of negative influences in your life. Most of us have negative influences from our friends and colleagues and such people drain our energy and businesses. Write down a list of those people and develop strategies to get rid of them in one way or another.
  • Place your goals at the center of every stage.
This skills and ones attained from business coaches will help you develop greatly and your business will get revived again. The problems that have been troubling you should be brought out to the light and dealt with accordingly.


Music idea for your Wonderful Wedding

The music requires as much planning as other aspects of your wedding such as selecting the right flowers or the wedding cake. Don’t leave your music selections to the last minute. A word of caution – depending on the type of wedding you’re having some celebrants my insist on religious songs during the wedding – you may well just have to respect that and make your decisions on that basis

Matching the Music to your Wedding

What kind of wedding are you having? Music for a formal wedding will be much different to the music for a casual wedding or even a beach wedding. Take the time to think of the type of wedding you’re having and the type of music that you’d like to hear at it.

When picking the music for your wedding

Bear in mind that musical choices are subjective – you have to make sure that you’re happy with the selections. As this is the case you can have someone else go out and find the music for your wedding but at the end of the day you have to listen to it and make sure that you comfortable with the selections. A helpful guide is that it helps to pick music that you genuinely like rather than music you think you “must have”. Do you think you will listen to music long after the wedding is over?

Try before you Buy

If you see a CD in the shop or online make sure that you listen to it first before buying. The songs may be the ones you like but make sure you like the rendition on the CD. You may find that the song is being performed by a different singer, band, or orchestra than you were expecting.

Compilations can be useful

Buying a few CDs can give you a good idea of the music you would actually want at your wedding – you may come across songs that you hadn’t heard before or had forgotten about. Some wedding music CDs come with a guide that breaks down each part of the ceremony giving you the opportunity to select the music that you want to use from the prelude to the postlude and everything in-between. (Collection-Ceremony-Wedding-Selected-Carley)

Review your music choices while “on the go”

As you make your way to work or wander around your home you can listen to the songs on your iPod or MP3 player, etc and decide which ones you like and which ones you’d like to use for your wedding

Get started today! Check these out!

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. To get you started to check out the music below and good luck!