Perfect Money and Bitcoin

Perfect Money is a main monetary administration permitting the clients to make moment installments and to profit exchanges safely all through the Internet opening one of a kind chance to Internet clients and proprietors of the Internet organizations.

Perfect Money focuses to convey the exchanges on the Internet to the perfect level! All clients of Perfect Money can without much of a stretch change over their assets into other electronic monetary standards inside the most limited terms and at sensible rates.

The built up method for collaboration with banks permits Perfect Money to get and to send wire exchanges around the world. As you enroll in Perfect Money framework, you can pick one of three distinctive statuses. The accompanying accounts’ statuses are accessible: Normal, Premium and Partner. The Normal account is an account that affects every single new client that enlist at the PerfectMoney site. The Normal account does not give you any confinements either.

Clients receive a premium account that keep their account dynamic amid one year. Keeping in mind the end goal to redesign your account from ordinary account to premium one, you will be required to send a demand for this support of the client benefit office. Premium accounts are special with advantages that incorporate low 2% expense on exchanges by means of bank and additionally a need treatment in all stores and withdrawals of your account reserves.

Allocating Partner accounts on the watchfulness of the Perfect cash organization. People receive these accounts when they need to enhance their sites for business-to-business exchanges. Commonly, individuals that maintain their organizations through the Internet are prime people to acquire one of these accomplice accounts. Accomplice accounts are the most special sort of accounts offering an expanded level of trust to its holder and his/her business. Some of its one of a kind components are 1.5% expense on withdrawals by means of bank wire, 1.5% charge for stores from Pecunix account and 8% yearly enthusiasm on the insignificant account adjust figured month to month.

Perfect Money has apparently included support for the holding and exchanging of bitcoins. Being candid, the organization can be considered remarkably shady. As indicated by an article in Reuters in 2013, they are otherwise called the future goal for “e-money” exchanges taking after the shutdown of Liberty Reserve.

Like “Freedom Reserve dollars” or “euros”, Perfect Money has its virtual likeness dollar, euro and gold-based wallets. As indicated by its website, the platform can be employed for exchanging cash, financing exchanging accounts and different installments. It says to offer 4% yearly enthusiasm on sums put away in their administration, which by a wide margin surpasses the rates offered by even the best bank accounts and may just be conceivable if assets are “utilized” somewhere else.

The administration was beforehand accessible for financing accounts on bitcoin trades, for example, eCoin, whose distributed numbers likewise merit sound examination. Presently, clients can obviously move bitcoins all through Perfect Money. Stores are expressed as free, and withdrawals are charged a powerful 2.5%.

The administration is formally enlisted Startup Research and Investments LLC. It as of now is situated in Hong Kong, yet as indicated by the Reuters report; it has already demonstrated Panama as its home. The organization does not list a telephone number for its workplaces or recognize administration or key representatives.

There are many electronic money exchanges from where you could exchange your bitcoins with perfect money.

You can use P2P exchange to trade your bitcoins in exchange for perfect money. The process is very simple and easy for anyone to do transactions on it.

Apart from providing the option to exchange your bitcoins to Perfect Money in both USD and EUR formats, at any point if you would like getting any other form of cryptocurrency for your bitcoins, you can use P2P Change for the matter. As of now, it provides support for Litecoin, BTC-e USD and Payeer USD. is an automatic platform that streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in an instant manner. The platform works automatically 24/7/365. You can change Bitcoin to Perfect Money instantly.

How does it work? Buying Perfect Money with Bitcoin is easy, automatic and instant with Changer.

(1) Just, select Bitcoin to Dogecoin from the given list

(2) Enter the amount you want to get transferred

(3) Click on the ‘Exchange’ button.

Changer also supports numerous other crypto currencies as well.

  1. Ordering the exchange of BTC to Perfect Money is very simple. Fill the required amount of Bitcoins you want to exchange into the field.
  2.  System will automatically calculate the amount to receive. Then input your Perfect Money account No, your contact e-mail and such information as shown below and press submit.
  3. You will be able to check the entered data on the next step of exchange and confirm it.



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