Quality Assurances Engineer vs Automation Engineer

Quality Assurances Engineer:

Q.A engineer also known as quality assurance engineer .Q.A engineer are mostly found in manufacturing and software companies .Q.A engineer is the way of progress process from beginning to end .Q.A engineer are responsible for to check the manufacturing product are in quality .Q.A engineer works in manufacturing facilities and laborites of the test .A Q.An engineer understands the Software methodologies and some other techniques. The Q.A engineer oversees the production testing products and they also meet the company standard before moving in the next phase of progress.

The main purpose of Q.A engineer is generating safeguards of product to be market -ready and they meet government regulations before it is released to the public.  The main purpose of Q.A engineer is to make quality products. It does not about detect the tick, not about simple testing. The Quality of Assurances are responsible for checking the quality of everything. The most important characteristic of a QA engineer is to prevent defects, and consequently, make certain the high-quality of the improvement procedure and its effects. It enables meet customers’ demands and expectancies most fully. Therefor we need a quality assurance engineer. The quality Assurance has some Advantages and Disadvantages. Some advantages of Quality Assurances are following.

Advantages of Q. A Engineer:

  • The Advantages of Q.A Engineer are.
  • Costs are reduced because there’s less wastage and re-operating of faulty products because the product is checked at each level.
  • It can assist enhance employee motivation as employees have extra ownership and reputation for their work.
  • Q.A Engineer guarantees the item will meet the client prerequisites and the desires by appropriate QA techniques.
  • Q.A help can help us to prevent faulty goods and offerings being bought.
  • It isn’t troublesome to creation laborers keep delivering, reviewers do the checking.
  • As with any feature system, the business may profit from an improved credit for quality and this may exceed sales.
  • These are the advantages of Q.A Engineer.

Dis-Advantages of Q.A Engineer:

  • There are a number of disadvantages of quality assurance. Some of them include
  • Adding more resources, employing more workers to help maintain quality and so much more.
  • Time-consuming
  • In the event that the organization has a noteworthy drop out. The Quality Assurance office will be one of the initial ones to go.

Automation Engineer:

Engineer is also the type of Engineer . Automation engineer is also play important role in our life. Mostly Automation starts out with bachelor’s degree. Automation Engineer has to different meanings in a software engineering point of view looking to automate software process. In a Traditional engineering sense providing automated solutions to physical activities. Automation engineer is master who has the information and capacity of planning make, create and oversee frameworks, for instance, plant mechanization, process robotization and distribution center computerization .

Automation Engineers are utilized in businesses, for example, vehicle assembling or nourishment preparing plants, where robots or machines are utilized to perform explicit capacities. Automation engineer must have experience in developing Hp QTP scripts. Automation Engineers must have programming skills like java. They also have great knowledge of SQL. The Automation Engineers have different types like

  • Fixed automation (Hard Automation)
  • Programmable automation (Soft Automation)
  • Flexible automation.
  • There are some advantages and disadvantages of Automation Engineers.

Advantages of Q\A Automation Engineer:

  • The advantages of Q\A Automation Engineer are:
  • Expanded throughput or profitability.
  • Expanded consistency of yield.
  • Decreased direct human work expenses and costs.
  • Opens up laborers to take on different jobs.

Gives larger amount employments in the advancement, organization, support and running of the automated forms. 

Dis-Advantages of Automation Engineer:

  • The numbers of disadvantages of Q\A Automation Engineer are
  • High beginning expense.
  • Dislodges workers because of jobs substitution.
  • Unusual or intemperate advancement costs.

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