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5 Super foods You Should Include in Your Diet

Superfoods have become somewhat of a trend in today’s popular culture and even though it is a good  thing that people are increasingly incorporating these foods into their diets, one downfall of this trending subject is that people have periods where they eat the superfood that is “in” and then they move on to the […]

5 Ways Cannabis combats PMS Symptoms

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome refers to the condition of a woman before the start of her period. The symptoms include tender breasts, cramps, mood swings, and excessive headaches. Coupled with bloating and depression, these symptoms tend to make life harder for the ladies every month. This change is the physical and emotional state of the […]

What are supplements?

Everywhere you go, it is difficult not to see a poster or an advert that blares out information about the benefits of supplements. Interestingly, not everyone knows what supplements are, what they are composed or even what they are used for. This article is going to zoom in on the topic of supplements and explain […]

4 Super tips to Lose Weight

Supper tips to loss weight

Many people believe that weight loss is a highly challenging mountain that just can’t be climbed, but we have developed some tried and tested tips that can help you overcome that beast and reach your desired weight goal without even breaking a sweat (this is, of course, only metaphorically speaking). So, make sure that you […]