5 Ways Cannabis combats PMS Symptoms

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome refers to the condition of a woman before the start of her period. The symptoms include tender breasts, cramps, mood swings, and excessive headaches. Coupled with bloating and depression, these symptoms tend to make life harder for the ladies every month. This change is the physical and emotional state of the body is due to the changes in the endocrine system i.e. the system of the body associated with hormones.

Cannabis and PMS

Since the past few decades, researches have laid much emphasis on the uses of cannabis for medicinal purpose. While it is quite unlikely that cannabis is the final cure for PMS, it is evident that it has many positive effects against PMS and it´s control. A 1596 Chinese text talks about the effectiveness of cannabis against premenstrual symptoms. There are many ways in which Cannabis can help combat the symptoms of PMS for you.

Improvement in Mood

The time leading up to a woman´s period is known as the luteal stage. This is the time when the levels of body hormones are changing due to which a woman experiences abrupt changes in her mood.  It has been proved scientifically that cannabis acts as an anti-depressant. The drug has two main components namely, THC and CBD. Both of this chemical induces the boosting in levels of Serotonin which is the “happy hormone” of the human body. Thus, Cannabis can lift up your spirits at that time of the month.

Cannabis against Headaches

Most women have to deal with migraines or at least mild headache before their period. The continuous pain makes it hard for an individual to remain focused on their daily task or feel refreshed. The headaches are due to lower levels of estrogen. Since the levels of estrogen are low, the brain has fewer resources to reduce the perception of pain. A study was conducted in 2010 which observed the effects of cannabis on 121 adults. 80% of the individuals reported that their migraines had decreased from 10.4A to 4.6 every month. hah

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties which make it helpful against curing headaches.


Cramps are an integral part of the menstrual cycle. They are caused by the contraction of uterus muscle brought about by the change in hormone levels. These contractions are just like labor contractions although of a lesser intensity. Cannabis contains a chemical called THC which acts as a relaxant and thus help is relieving pain and reducing discomfort. Even the famous Queen Victoria reportedly used cannabis for her menstrual cramps.

Digestive Issues

During menstruation and during the period before it, Prostaglandins are released in the body that causes the uterus and intestines to contract. These chemicals cause diarrhea and in some cases hormonal fluctuation may even result in constipation. Cannabis is helpful against these effects too as it interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body and calms muscle spasms. It also soothes gastrointestinal irritation and improves digestive motility and digestive stress.

Since Cannabis has already been proven to be effective against Crohn’s Disease, it is not exactly a surprise that it helps modulate digestive system.

Diminishes Acne

PMS brings with it acne. According to study published in Archives of Dermatology, 63% of the women are victims of menstrual acne. Estrogen and Progesterone levels work inverse to each other. A decrease in estrogen level in the body causes the progesterone levels to increase which in turn makes the oil glands more active.

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties that make it effective against the breakout of acne during or before menstruation.

Along with these helpful effects, Cannabis also helps combats other PMS symptoms:

  • It alleviates breast pains.
  • It improves sleep.

How to use Cannabis to combat PMS?

Cannabis can be used in variety of ways to combat PMS and its symptoms.

  • It can be smoked.
  • You can also drink a weed infused tea.
  • You can also depend on edibles.
  • Cannabis infused creams or lotions are also available which can be easily lathered on anytime and anyplace

While proper approval from medical experts still have to come regarding the use of cannabis against PMS, people are using cannabis excessively to get relief from the symptoms of PMS every month. Not only is it an easy fix, it is also a quick one.

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