Zong Tikkok Bundle [unbelievable]

Zong TikTok Bundle – China Telecom Network is the most economical and fastest growing network in Pakistan, after getting 4G license from PTA, Zong 4G network always tries to bring more better internet packages for its loving customers.

zong tiktok offer
zong tiktok offer

You know that there is a trending app, which is almost in the smartphones of youth around the world, also known as Tikkok in Pakistan. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other applications crossed over as a downloading spree. It is necessary to have superfast network on this app, Zong 4G is now successful in fulfilling the desire of this app users and brings Zong TikTok bundle which is quite economical. TikTok lovers can easily activate this bundle and enjoy cute videos with their creation.

For TikTok lovers, Zong 4G brings cute offers in just PKR 35 + tax where TikTok lovers can create TikTok with 2 GB data resources for 7 days. This offer is very useful and an important package because Tikkok is gaining a lot of popularity in Pakistan nowadays. Those who want to enjoy this bundle, just dial * 606 # from their smartphone and can also send ‘Sub WTTO’ to Zong Tikkok bundle, Zong 4G user 6123. If you want to check the rest of your resources * 102 # and check the free resources. Or use the My Zong App as well.



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